5 key reasons why having a hip replacement is so popular these days

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most common procedures worldwide. Each year, over a hundred million people undergo surgery to treat arthritis, hip fracture, displacements or other diseases. Here’s 5 reasons why having a hip replacement is so common.

  1. Having a hip replacement provides instant pain relief

A hip replacement is usually needed because a patient experiences pain when moving around, and so the main benefit of the surgery is simple: pain relief. Having a new hip replacement can provide a significant reduction in pain. Almost all patients experience immediate pain relief and almost everyone with a hip replacement is completely cured from their hip pain.

  1. A hip replacement improves mobility

Besides pain relief, increased mobility is the second major benefit of having a hip replacement surgery. A hip replacement improves the functioning of your hip and should get you back to walking without restraint. It also helps with other problems typically linked to the hip, such as climbing stairs, bending over, and exercising, leading to improved quality of life.

  1. Hip replacement surgery has a very high success rate

Did you know that over 95% of patients experience pain relief after a hip replacement? This surgery is considered one of the most common, successful and safe operations in modern medicine. For a pretty invasive surgery, a hip replacement carries a relatively low risk of complications. Possible risks include blood clots, dislocation of the new hip, nerve damage and infection. The already low risks of developing complications are even further reduced by using precautions before, during and after surgery.

  1. Hip replacements last longer than ever

Hip replacements have a long trail of history. As early as the 1950s did surgeons attempt to treat hip pain, but unfortunately with many disastrous results. And it’d take another decade for the first successful surgery to take place.

Thanks to great improvements in technology and health care over the years, the safety and success rate of hip replacement surgery is now astounding. With good pre-surgery preparations, physiotherapy after surgery and extensive monitoring of the patients’ health, the rate at which complications occur has drastically lowered. Nowadays, patients are usually able to return home pretty soon after the surgery, and their new hip replacements can last over 20 years. 

  1. Thanks to medical tourism, you can get your hip replacement sooner than ever – and often cheaper, too

You’ve probably heard of people going to Turkey to get a hair transplant or to have dental implants done. While at first it may sound like a hassle that’ll take some time and cost you more, the opposite is actually true. Medical tourism is a term used to describe people who travel to a different country to have surgery. It’s exceptionally popular nowadays, as waiting lists in most western countries have become incredibly long and surgeries are getting increasingly more expensive. Other countries have been investing in their healthcare, becoming pioneers in their fields and specialising in different operations. Because the cost of living and medical expenses are generally lower in countries such as Turkey, Lithuania and Czechia, you’ll end up paying way less for the same surgery. Another added benefit is that these countries have way shorter waiting lists, and some even have no waiting lists at all, so you can have your surgery as soon as you feel ready for it.

There’s plenty of companies that offer to help you find a proper clinic and surgeon abroad to have your surgery done with, so no need to worry about fixing your entire trip yourself. There’s even companies that book your flight for you and fix a place for you to stay at.